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Peak Physique Hot Yoga is a supportive, welcoming and inclusive studio, offering a great variety of Hot Yoga classes.

At Peak Physique Hot YogaProspect, we’re evangelists of the Hot Yoga lifestyle and its health benefits. We offer many styles of Hot Yoga, including Hot Blend, Hot Physique, Hot Power and Warm Physique. All levels are invited to our classes- all of them are beginner friendly.

Peak Physique instructors ensure support of our clients’ intended results whether it is looking younger, feeling fitter, recovering from injury, losing weight or general well being. All of them are certified with Peak Physique Hot Yoga’s training programs to give you the best quality quality and assurance you are being looked after.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga studios we use infra-red radiant heaters, which allow us to be challenged, detox and help you to accelerate your progress.

Peak Physique Hot Yoga fitness based classes are designed to stretch and tone the body, giving both physical and mental health benefits. The long-term benefits include but don’t limit to weight loss, skin improvement, stronger muscles, headache relief, increased energy levels, help with anxiety, balanced blood sugar levels and improved self-esteem.

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Hot Yoga has made me stronger, happier and more resilient; in short, it’s changed my life for the better! If you’re looking for a friendly, supportive and non-judgmental yoga studio, Peak Physique Hot Yoga Prospect is the place to be!

KrystalYoga Student

Vani’s warm variation class is the best start to anyone’s Sunday, THANK YOU!

ManaakiYoga Student

I did my first warm yoga class today and loved it! Now I’m hooked. It was the best work out that I’ve had in a long time.

LucyYoga Student

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